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PT NAWASENA BERSAMA ABADI (NBA), established on December 11, 2012, was founded by Corps Alumni Bumiseram Makassar (CABM), which is a company engaged in marine services of Crewing Management Agency to provide the qualified and competent seafarers for the National and International Ship Owner and Shipping Companies.

NBA has extensive experience in the shipping and maritime industry, which is also part of the ship management system to ensure any operational cost-effectiveness and efficiency, NBA has a pool of dedicated qualified seafarers who are fully certified and updated, so that the NBA can become a qualified and professional supplier of skilled and competent seafarers.

NBA is taking a personalized and proactive to provide professional seafarers and place them on various types of vessels and verify to ensure that they are compliant, capable, competent, with integrity according to ship owner/vessel operator requirement

NAWASENA BERSAMA ABADI (NBA), didirikan pada tanggal 11 Desember 2012, didirikan oleh Corps Alumni Bumiseram Makassar (CABM), yang merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang jasa kelautan Badan Pengelola Awak Kapal untuk menyediakan pelaut yang berkualitas dan kompeten untuk Pemilik Kapal Nasional dan Internasional dan Perusahaan Pelayaran.

NBA memiliki pengalaman yang luas dalam industri perkapalan dan maritim, yang juga sebagai bagian dari sistem manajemen kapal untuk memastikan setiap efektivitas dan efisiensi biaya operasional,

NBA memiliki kumpulan pelaut berkualitas berdedikasi yang bersertifikat penuh  dan diperbarui, sehingga NBA dapat menjadi pemasok pelaut yang terampil dan kompeten yang berkualitas dan profesional.

NBA secara personal dan proaktif menyediakan pelaut profesional dan menempatkan  mereka di berbagai jenis kapal dan memverifikasi untuk memastikan  bahwa mereka patuh, mampu, kompeten, berintegritas sesuai persyaratan pemilik kapal / operator kapal

Our Vision And Mission


Recognized as the premiere class partnership of crew management solution for vessel owners/operators and has the best quality service in the industry by having and implementing the highest global standards and having qualified and competent prospective seafarers who always prefer to work together and produce superior quality work with humble personality and highly integrity as a form of corporate values. 


  • To select greater seafarers with good screening and assessment
  • Improving the skills and welfare of the ship's crew through training and a sustainable career development program 
  • We strive to deliver the best seafarers every time

  • We adopt the seafarer’s ethical standards

  • To provide an understanding of the seafarer's code of ethics 
  • Build a long-term relationship with clients and become a reliable business partner in each of their shipping operations

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